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Auto Renew & Roll Over Data with TelEm on Data Plans.

Activate your Prepaid daily, weekly, or monthly data plan fast and easy, anytime, anywhere. Roll over data and save with select 30 day plans when you auto renew.  Auto renew your data and get TelTV+ on the GO!

Auto Renew Roll Over Data on selected Packages

Roll over data 

Keep your unused data from last month when you auto renew on selected data packages. The selected data packages that qualify for data roll over are:

  • 30 Day $20 -3GB
  • 30 Day $30 -10GB
  • 30 Day $40  -15GB

Data roll over only applies on the selected packages and only when you auto renew.

Auto Renew Discount: Auto renew your plan and get a monthly discount on selected data packages. Discount will be applied after the first month of auto renew.

  • 30 Day $20 -3GB with auto renew $18
  • 30 Day $30 -10GB with auto renew $27
  • 30 Day $40  -15GB with auto renew $36

All other plans exempt from both roll over and discount.

Grace Period:

  • If you run out of credit and the plan did not auto renew, you have a 24 hour grace period to reactive the plan and still benefit from data roll over. However, you will not get the discount because the plan did not auto renew. You will receive the discount again the following month.

Auto Renew Process:

  • SMS ‘DATA AUTO’ instead of ‘DATA ON’ to one of the eligible plans.
  • Example: SMS ‘​data auto’ to ‘2030’

This also applies for activations done via the self-care app.


Take advantage and auto renew your data to activate roll over data today; and save while never loosing out on unused data again.

Our customer care center is readily available and happy to assist you with any questions you may have pertaining to activating auto renew and roll over data.