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TelEm Group says a fibre cable damage in Jacksonville, USA, is causing performance issues with the company’s internet service here on St. Maarten.

Pond Island – The fiber cable is located between Jacksonville beach and Miami and was reported damaged Monday morning.

According to TelEm Group, Technicians and Engineers at TelEm Group and Smitcoms NV are in contact with operators of the damaged cable,and have learned that they are working diligently to carry out the necessary repairs.

The company says two redundant connections have meantime been put into service to maintain internet connections on the island, however, until the main fiber cable is fully restored, customers may experience a slower performance of their internet and data connections.

Monday afternoon, TelEm Group was assured that the repairs will be carried out as quickly as possible and service will be restored to normal once the repair is completed.

TelEm Group has meantime apologized to customers and members of the public for any inconvenience caused by the damaged fiber cable in Jacksonville, USA, that is beyond the company’s control.


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