Want to gain hands on experience, knowledge and further develop yourself within your field of study?

Apply for Telem’s Internship,Traineeship or Summer Job Programs. We provide numerous opportunities where you can gain hands-on experience in the telecommunications industry. Our team of professionals will guide  you throughout the work experience.

We have internships available in all areas of our business which range from Finance, Corporate, Commercial and Technical. 

Characteristics of the Programs
Internship Traineeship Summer Job
3-12 months 1-4 weeks 1-12 weeks
One-time experience One-time experience One-time experience

Compensation & Experience




Compensation & Experience

Who are we looking for?

Fresh, enthusiastic, pro-active and ambitious people who are open and willing to learn and work.

Applicant's Criteria
Traineeship Internship - MBO Student Internship - HBO/VWO Student
Enrolled in Secondary School Enrolled in College Enrolled in College/University
Age: 14 - 19 Age: 18< Age: 18<
Technical Knowledge (phones, software & applications) Theoretical & Technical Knowledge Advanced Theoretical & Technical

  • Team Player
  • Organized 
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Customer services skills
  • Basic Math skills.
  • Basic Computer skills
  • Report writing skills
  • Verbal and written English and Dutch proficiency

  • Knowledge of administrative procedures
  • Knowledge of administrative support and procedures.
  • Intermediate computer skills
  • Intermediate math skills
  • Coordinating skills
  • Strong analytical and presentation skills
  • Time management skills
  • Strop team player
  • Social abilities for the interactive communication
  • Verbal and written proficiency in English & Dutch.

  • Knowledge in planning and project management.
  • Negotiating skills.
  • Verbal and written proficiency in English and Dutch
  • Advanced knowledge of reporting.
  • Advanced skills in Math.
  • Advanced computer skills (especially in Excel).
  • Strong leadership & analytical skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Strong presentational skills

Read about the experience from one of our Trainees  

Amos Pierre - Human Resources & Development Trainee

“I chose Telem as my Job Training company because the customer service is excellent, and I wanted to be a part of an organization that is always helpful to its customers. I wanted to learn more about the company. At the end of my Job Training experience I realized that Telem is a very busy company and there is always something to do. The employees are friendly, respectful and welcoming. I learned that the Human Resources Department is responsible for interviewing, policies and the health of employees. I had a wonderful experience and would be honored to work in the Human Resources Department of Telem.”

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