St. Maarten's fastest internet without limitations!

Watch movies, send e-mails, browse the web, shop online, keep in touch with family and friends. Use the internet the way you want, TelEm has the right package for you. Your usage is unlimited, which means more of everything with the fastest internet connection on Sint Maarten!

  • Get your DUO Play Internet connection today and take advantage of all these benefits:
  • Lowest prices
  • Stable connection
  • No download limit
  • Fastest speed
Prepaid DUOPlay Plans
up to 2MB up to 12MB up to 16MB
Includes $10 calling credit For national and international calls Includes $10 calling credit For national and international calls Includes $10 calling credit For national and international calls
$60 per month $95 per month $115 per month

DUO PLAY - Prepaid
For $10 more per month, you will receive a $10 calling allowance on your phone to make local and internation calls. Your $10 allowance will be valid for the current month only. Any unused allowance will not roll over to the next month. Free minutes are not included for prepaid, only for postpaid.

Internet speed
ADSL is internet service that is delivered to your home via copper or fiber. Its spees may vary based on the quality of your copper line and the distance from our main network. Time of day or night and general usage in your area may also affect your internet and browsing speeds. Your indoor wiring is also an important factor to ensure quality of service, so is your Wi-Fi installation (extensions).

Fair usage policy
To ensure that each customers gets a fair share of internet bandwidth, TelEm follows international best practice policies to guard against unfair usage. Very heavy users (e.g. users downloading more than 50 Gigabyte er month) may receive a reducded speed during peak hours (6PM midnight on weekdays) to ensure that the service received by other customers is not impacted because of their extremly heavy usage. Service to be used for its intended purpose only.

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