Storeroom Assistant

Collects, stores, and distributes goods. Processes relevant data in computer systems.


Job Summary:

  • Uses computer systems to enter, adjust and updates data as assigned.
  • Stores the received goods in the storeroom and on site.
  • Compiles data about the storeroom goods in stock.
  • Assesses the quality and the quantity of the storeroom goods received on the basis of the purchases order.
  • Points out inaccurate deliveries.
  • Processes all information with regard to all services rendered by or to the company.
  • Carries out information checks for accuracy.
  • Collects the required information form the relevant departments in order to carry out task (s).
  • Files of data & storing of goods.
  • Performs other related tasks as may be assigned by a senior position in the department.
  • Carries out urgent purchases and pick up mail, documents and goods attuned to the wishes of management.
  • Sorts out and delivers incoming mail and goods to the staff of the telecommunication companies based on address and sender.


  •  Knowledge of logistics at LBO level.
  • Knowledge of stocking goods, stock management and operating of forklift trucks.
  • Knowledge of the stock and storage management system and the range of warehouse goods of the company.
  • (Basic) Mathematical skills.
  • (Basic) Computer skills.
  • Oral and written proficiency in English and Dutch.

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