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Staff of the Human Resources & Development drafted in the help of CEO, Mr. Kendall Dupersoy, CTO, Mr. Eldert Louisa and other TelEm Group colleagues, to congratulate TelEm Group mothers on their upcoming Mother’s Day celebrations Sunday.

Pond Island – Mother’s on St. Maarten will be celebrating Mother’s Day all around the island this Sunday, but TelEm Group mothers got a little taste of what’s to come a couple of days early, thanks to management.

On Friday, our TelEm Group moms were presented with a small gift by CEO, Mr. Kendall Dupersoy and CTO, Mr. Eldert Louisa, along with assistance from handsomely dressed colleagues, Ronacko Reece, Jesus Richardson, Rodney Washington and Shawn Sharplis.

The gifts, all on behalf of management, were hand-delivered to all the departments and were equally well-received by moms and mother figures alike in a super friendly atmosphere. (As can be seen below)

“Not only are there many deserving mothers within the TelEm Group family, but there are also many of our female colleagues who are mother-like figures to their nieces, nephew and other children,” said Manager Human Resources & Development, Shadira Richardson, a mom herself.

Shadira thanks management for supporting the HR&D initiative to honor TelEm Group mothers for the upcoming Mother’s Day date.

“Our staff all agreed it would be a great shame to let the day pass without reminding moms everywhere how very special they are and to add that now that they have had a little taste, to make the best of their own special day Sunday.”

CEO, Mr. Dupersoy, and CTO, Mr. Louisa, thanked the HR&D staff for their input and for bringing some bright smiles to many faces Friday morning.

“It was fun going around and seeing some of those smiles that I hope will stay on the faces of our TelEm Group MOMS throughout this weekend – ENJOY!,” said Mr. Dupersoy.


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