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Mobile Prepaid Roaming

With a Prepaid TelEm number you can easily roam while traveling, as there are no unexpected invoices or extra charges. When making and receiving phone calls, while abroad, all incoming and outgoing calls will be charged to your available Prepaid balance.

Need to use DATA from your Prepaid mobile while abroad? No problem! When traveling and using your mobile data, your available mobile credit will be charged for the data usage. Make sure to Top-Up before you depart! If you run out of credit while aboard you can Top-Up online.


How to become a TelEm subscriber?

Become a TelEm subscriber by purchasing a TelCell SIM card for $20 (includes call credit of $10), at one of our resellers or our TelEm branches. Click here to see a list of our resellers.

What are the requirements for a Postpaid plan?

To apply for a Postpaid plan, the following is required:
– A Census registration form or GEBE utility bill no older than 6 months (address must be the same as where service will be provided).
– Copy of the account holders’ last two (2) pay slips.

Visit FAQ for more questions