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Job Summary:

Network Engineer provides technical direction and field management assessments and audit/ surveillance. Prepares briefings for senior management and assists in problem resolution. Designs and participate in project teams and all activities related to the development of new products.


  • To provide assistance with network outage recovery efforts.
  • To perform preventative and fault isolation maintenance on the local and wide area networks.
  • To perform, network maintenance on servers, domains, user files and/or data bases.
  • To provide integration for voice, data, and video applications on the local and wide area networks.
  • To analyze, recommend and evaluate new hardware, software and communications products for network compatibility and applicability.
  • To work with other engineers and vendors to arrive at permanent solutions to network issues and recommends alternative solution for network issues.
  • To assist in the development of high-level troubleshooting procedures.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, or any equivalent degree.
  • Experience in telecom operations.
  • Strong interpersonal, analytical, and presentational skills.
  • Oral and written proficiency in English and Dutch.