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Pond Island – The TelEm Group Personnel Association “FUN Raiser” that was hosted on TelEm Group premises Sunday, June 26, 2022, raised a staggering $4,615.00 thanks to the enthusiastic participation of the general public and the volunteer assistance of TelEm Group personnel from all departments.

As promised, the Personnel Association will be splitting the impressive sum between three St. Maarten foundations that are actively involved in the St. Maarten Community: The Art Saves Lives Foundation, the Babe Ruth Baseball League and the Men’s Mental Health Organization. But before doing so, the organizers wish to send out a big “Thank You” to all the members of staff who contributed in one way or another toward the success of the event.

“Whether it was getting the Walk-a-thon under way at 5:00 am in the morning, or manning the car wash and various other activities, TelEm personnel were all over the place and deserved to be singled out for their input a voluntary help in their own free time,” said a Personnel Association spokesperson on behalf of the organizing committee.

The organizers also wish to thank the various artistes who showed up to give live performances, members of the public for turning out with their families and friends those who participated in a fun quiz on the day which assisted in raising additional funds and especially the various donors who contributed to making the event possible.

One of the recipients from the money raised is the Arts Saves Lives Foundation of Nicole de Weever, who is full of praise for the initiative of the TelEm Group workers who took it upon themselves to raise funds for some worthy causes in their community.

Nicole says the funds could not have come at a better time for the foundation, who will put their share to use right away for the staging of a presentation and other Arts Saves Lives events currently under way at the Philipsburg Cultural Center.

“Arts Saves Lives is very grateful to the TelEm Personnel Association and the staff of TelEm, some of whom have children currently taking part in our program,” added Nicole, along with a big shout up to her aunt, Patricia Wilson-Vlaun for a record number of ticket sales for the FUN Raiser event.

Another donation recipient is the Babe Ruth Baseball League on St. Maarten. The group’s strength and conditioning coach, Mr. Dimar Labega, says the good corporate example set by the TelEm Group staffers is something that should stand as an example to other businesses on St. Maarten. It was hoped a donation from the event would go toward the cost of taking a team to the Bahamas from Tuesday, June 5th, 2022, for participation in the 1st Annual Caribbean Babe Ruth League Championships, however, with the trip secured from other sources, the league can now secure paid monthly use of the Jose Lake ballpark with the Personnel Association donation.

The third recipient for a donation will be the Men’s Mental Health Organization, whose administrators intend to use to help with the group’s focus on mental health issues affecting men in the St. Maarten community.

All three recipients have expressed their thanks to the public for supporting the Personnel Association initiative from which they were the targeted recipients. All recognize the need for support from all sources possible if they are to continue to do positive work in the St. Maarten community.

Meantime the TelEm Group Personnel Association has announced the winners of the raffle quiz held during the FUN Raiser event: Ms. Nilca Leonard, Ms. Iris Neijzen and Mr. Ian Barlow. (see below)


For further information please contact:

Joe Dominique – Media Consultant

TelEm Group

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