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TelEm is a strong advocate for local businesses, organizations, and events. Every month, our company receives numerous sponsorship and donation requests from the community. We are committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and strive to provide assistance whenever possible. However, it is important to note that our donations and contributions are subject to a predetermined budget. As a result, we may have to inform you that your request may not be successful. We appreciate your understanding and continued support for our community causes.

Education & STEM Technology

Programs that focus on breaking down educational barriers and the technological divide to level the playing field for all persons within our community.

Culture & Sports

Programs that focus on developing our population through community involvement, sports or preserving the island’s culture.

Environment & Health

Programs that focus on promoting environmentally friendly or a healthy lifestyle.

Organization and Event Criteria:

  • Must be registered in the Chamber of Commerce and based in St. Maarten
  • Must possess a budget or financial overview accompanied by valid banking documents
    (only for monetary requests)
  • Must represent that they operate within the parameters of all applicable laws
  • Must represent that they do not discriminate in employment practices or services based on race, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, mental or physical ability, sexual orientation, or gender identity
  • The event being sponsored should provide TelEm with an opportunity to communicate key messages
  • The event being sponsored should provide TelEm with an opportunity to market or promote key services

Application Criteria:

  • All applications must be submitted through the completion of the Sponsorship and Donations Request Form on our website:
  • We only process requests submitted through our website and will not accept any on-site drop-offs at any of our locations or emails
  • All applications must be submitted at least 8 weeks before the date of the event
  • Applications received less than 8 weeks before the deadline risk being excluded from consideration
  • Only one request per organization per calendar year will be considered.

Our sponsorship and donations program does not support the following:

  • Personal projects, individual or social trips
  • Political causes, candidates, organizations, or campaigns
  • Private foundations or organizations (non-public charities, including personal and corporate foundations)
  • Publications, films, television programs, and other media productions.

Important Notice:

  • Items donated to an organization are sold for charitable purposes and may not be marked or re-sold without written consent from TelEm.
  • Monetary donations will not be processed to an individual
  • Sponsorship and donation requests that do not meet the criteria will not be processed
  • We may not be able to fulfill every request, even when the criteria are met

Sponsorship & Donation request form