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TelEm Group professionals were pleased to provide information about working in the telecommunication industry during the Annual Career and Study Fair for schools, held at the Belair Community Center on Tuesday.

Each year, students visit the event so that they can pose questions to business leaders and fine-tune their choices for further education. They also take the opportunity to see what additional career paths they might also like to follow.

This year, as with previous years, there was a TelEm Group team at hand to provide the youth with all the information they would need to make a valued decision about taking up employment in any of the different parts of the company.

Amongst staffers providing information were: Ms. Carmita Brooks, Mr. Ralph Boirard, Mr. Donald Rombley, Ms. Lisa Jacquet and Mr. Elroy Hughes, representing interests in Human Resources & Development, Marketing & Sales, Technical/Engineering, Finance & Accounting and Outside Plant.

Also present with the TelEm team was Human Resources and Development Intern, Shakima van Heyningen, who remembered what it was like when she attended such fairs before heading off for studies herself.

“It was great to be there with the students and also with the very knowledgeable staff of TelEm who provided a lot of useful information that I know the students will be able to use,” said Shakima.

The Intern said she was impressed to see the many different booths that were hosted by various local businesses, such as the St. Maarten Medical Center (SMMC), and by local and overseas based universities.

She said students from a total of 14 different schools attended the fair and also were pleased with their interactions, based on their comments throughout the event.

“Our TelEm Group booth was located on stage and was very professionally manned by eight employees, representing various TelEm Group departments. The Fair was very insightful because we were able to interact with the future leaders of St. Maarten, and familiarize them with Telem Goup through our own experiences,” said the TelEm Group Intern.


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