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TelEm Group’s Marketing and Sales Department is launching a new MORE Campaign for prepaid customers starting Monday, January 7th, 2019.

Pond Island –From Monday 7th January,2019, Pre-paid customers can take advantage of a new 3-in-1 bundle so that they can Surf, Call and Text away to their heart’s content.
The package costs $40 and includes:
• 10GB of data
• 125Minutes of voice
• 100 SMS text messages.

According to Marketing Officer Stephani Jong Loy, the promotion is for prepaid customers only and will run until February 29th, 2019, however there are a number of conditions that will be applied including:

• Prepaid customers only
• Can go in combination with an existing data wallet. (The existing data wallet expiration will be moved with 30 days and will continue once this plan is depleted or expired)
• The Minutes and SMS included are for TelCell to TelCell only. For other calls customer will have to top up additionally
• When free minutes and SMS are depleted customer will be charged regularly per SMS/phone call
• If data is depleted before expiration data customer can re-subscribe the package or activate one of our regular data packages

• The campaign will run until February 29th, 2019.

For further information please contact: Joe Dominique – Media Consultant
546 – 0200 ext. 106 Cell: 522-6903 e-mail