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Philipsburg – TelEm Group is taking the roll-out of the company’s island-wide Fiber network infrastructure to a whole new level – with the launch of dramatically increased Fiber speeds for all existing and new Fiber customers.

In announcing TelEm Group’s “MORE speed for the SAME price” campaign, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Mr. Michiel Parent, says all existing TelEm Fiber customers already had their bandwidth speeds automatically upgraded during these past weeks to the new speeds being offered.

Mr. Parent says absolutely no additional charges were made for the upgrades.

“Our valued customers don’t have to do anything at all, except continue to enjoy their free upgrade and continue using of the best and fastest Fiber network on St. Maarten,” said the TelEm Group CCO, adding that no announcement was made about the upgrade until now to ensure the higher speeds were being configured on the Fiber network as planned.

The CCO says the higher Fiber speeds are a direct answer to what TelEm Fiber customers themselves said they wanted when they were questioned in a Customer Satisfaction Survey last year, coming back with a resounding: “More internet speed without paying extra for it.”

“We took note of the survey results and put together these packages especially for the people of St. Maarten, in essence, giving them ‘MORE speed at the SAME price’,“ explained Mr. Parent.

He says, where customers were used to getting 8Mbps for $55, now they are getting up to 15Mbps. Fiber customers who used to get 15Mbps are now getting up to 25Mbps for the same attractive price of $90. Customers with the highest speeds of 50Mbps will now receive up to 75Mbps.

“There is just no comparable offer on St. Maarten today and we are very proud to be announcing these dramatic increases in speed in Fiber-ready areas,” said the CCO, adding that new customers in selected areas will also qualify for free installations.

“By taking the lead through its island-wide rollout of Fiber, TelEm Group is connecting new customers to the Fiber network every day and giving them superior internet speeds to fit their budget and their needs.

“As more and more areas connect to our Fiber network, so is the advantage of being on Fiber being realized. Besides the speed, our infrastructure is much more reliable than an antenna-based internet solution, which is especially important when you are in a hurricane zone, as we are in St. Maarten. With Fiber, we can put customer internet connections underground, where they are protected from wind, rain and flying debris,” continued Mr. Parent.

The CCO says another important advantage from a user perspective, is the opportunity for customers to take advantage of many TelEm Group services, including Triple Play packages that combine Landline with IPTV and internet connections.

Mr. Parent says along with this campaign, TelEm Fiber is stepping up its presence in various neighborhoods during the month of April in a bid to connect a record number of customers to the new Fiber infrastructure.