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Pond Island – TelEm Group employees responded “wonderfully” to an internal request for food donations for those in need within the St. Maarten community.

At the start of December, TelEm Group put out a call to employees asking them to dig deep into their own pantries to help bring a smile to the faces of those in the community who are short of food.

The organizers said they wanted to make a special effort of the food donations so that they could be distributed via various organizations on the island.

Recipients of the TelEm Group food packages year included:

  • The Bishop Ellis Foundation / Father Adam
  • Dutch Quarter Community Center / Cresburk Brown
  • Cay Bay Community Center / Sharon Cannegieter
  • Teacher Laura MPC/Sundial Schools
  • Forever Blessed Foundation / Jackie Peterson

“Thanks to the kind and generous donations of management and staff who made an extraordinary response to the food donation drive,” said one organizer.

“we are very proud to have prepared and distributed sixty (60) food bags to the less fortunate on St. Maarten,” said the coordinators of the food donation donation drive, when the food packages were handed out last Friday during an all-day TelEm Group Christmas event.

“TelEm Group employees have been able to count their blessings in a very, very difficult year and many said they wanted to pay some of the goodness forward by giving more to the food drive organizers than in previous years, when similar requests were made.

“We want to thank everyone who donated and also all the recipients who have been so kind with their messages of thanks and appreciation, which they have asked us to pass on to everyone at TelEm Group,” stated the organizers.

TelEm Group CEO, Mr. Kendall Dupersoy, also extended best wishes to recipients of the food bag donations while praising employees for their selfless efforts.

“Giving to those in need in always better than receiving, therefore our employees should feel very proud to be giving from the heart at the end of such a difficult year,” said Mr. Dupersoy.


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