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Pond Island– TelEm Group is making it more convenient and flexible for customers to pay their telecommunication bills by setting up new payment locations around St. Maarten – starting with its technology partner, Smart Concepts 721 located at the Carrefour Shopping Arcade, Bush Road.

The teaming up of TelEm Group and Smart Concepts 721 now makes it possible for TelEm customers to pay their bills and also carry out other transactions outside of regular TelEm business hours – including Saturdays.

“We are adding additional pay locations to provide our customers with more convenience and real-time options to pay their bills and also to Top-Up their credits,” said TelEm Group Business Development Officer, Alice Peterson.

Alice says customers can avoid waiting in long lines at TelEm Group’s main office location on Pond Island and at the Simpson Bay Branch by utilizing the Smart Concepts 721 store as an optional payment location, especially as it lies in-between the two present locations.

Alice also believes the opportunity to make payments after 3:00 pm when the other TelEm Group locations are closed for payments, and also to pay on Saturdays, will be most convenient for working customers unable to get time off work to pay their bills. The official hours for payment will be 10:00 am – 6:00 pm Friday-Saturday.

TelEm Group and Smart Concepts 721 have collaborated on the promotion of each other’s products and services in the past, however this is the first time the TelEm Group partner will be accepting payments on behalf of the company, utilizing a special app that provides real-time connection with TelEm customer accounts.

“Of course we want customers to continue to pay online as much as possible, but this is another way we can make payments more convenient and also more flexible for everyone,” continued Alice. She said the goal of TelEm Group is to partner with other companies by providing them with similar apps that will allow payment of customer accounts or by utilizing the Point of Sales (POS) systems of these companies so that they too can be listed as alternative payment locations for TelEm Group customers.

As a company set up to promote smart new technology ideas for the home and office, Smart Concepts 721 owner, Mr. Michael Jeffrey, is happy to be embarking on the payment locations project with TelEm Group. He will be providing a cashier dedicated to TelEm Group customers at the Carrefour arcade location, where his business is based and encourages everyone to visit, including Saturdays, when they can also see some of the “smart” products the company offers to make life easier and more convenient.

TelEm Group says it will be announcing new payment locations just as soon as they come online and that customers should look out for them via their Facebook or Instagram page (Telemnv)




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