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Advertisements are being circulated from this week informing Cable TV customers about changes to their Customer Account Numbers and informing of new Bank account payment numbers.

Pond Island – TelEm Group Cable TV customers now have new Customer Account Numbers they can refer to when carrying out transactions, making enquiries or making payments – especially online.

The new customer account numbers are the result of changes in the company’s accounting and billing systems to better accommodate Cable TV customers within the TelEm Group of Companies Network.

As a result of these changes, TelEm Group Cable TV customers will now have a customer account number that is nine (9) digits long, starting with a 100 prefix.

Example 1: If your current Cable TV customer account number is 123456, it changed to 100123456.

Example 2: If your current Cable TV customer account number is 563, your new Cable TV customer account number is 100000563.

Example 3: If your current Cable TV customer account number is 9876, your new Cable TV customer account number is 100009876.

TelEm Group says the changed customer account numbers for Cable TV customers is part of a company-wide promotion to make customers more aware of the convenience and ease of e-billing and online payments – both of which will require use of the new customer account numbers.

TelEm Group is also in the meantime announcing that as of January 1st this year, Cable TV customers making payments via their bank to the company’s US-Dollar and ANG-Guilder accounts at the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) and the Windward Island Bank (WIB) can do so using the following TelEm bank payment accounts:

ANG – 8200000002425004
USD – 820000000453498

ANG- 87314504
USD- 20068407
ANG- 21473904 (E-Payment)

Customers and business partners who require further information about any of the above can call TelEm Group’s Customer Service Department at +1721-5460100 or the TelEm Group Helpdesk at 611 who will be happy to assist further.


For further information please contact:

Joe Dominique Media Consultant– TelEm Group

Mobile: 522 – 6903