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Philipsburg – One year after increasing Fiber speeds on St. Maarten, TelEm Group is doing it again – announcing another major increase in bandwidth starting this month.

The TelEm Fiber team has again massively increased its download and upload speeds at no extra cost to customers. TelEm says this will ensure existing fiber customers are getting the best value and speed to date for internet on St. Maarten – especially since there will be no change in prices while customer get even more speed.

All packages are now nearly double the speed of previous offerings.  Fiber packages start as low as $55 per month and include 25 Mbps download with an upload speed of 10 Mbps.  For the first time on St. Maarten, the company is also introducing download speeds all the way up to 150Mbps with uploads of 75 Mbps with their top end package.

According to TelEm Residential Manager Marketing & Sales, Julie Zambrini, TelEm did a similar Fiber upgrade last year, where speeds were doubled without any increase in prices. “In an effort to improve our customer experience and attract new customers we have done it once again, especially now that most homes and businesses are now connected to the TelEm Fiber infrastructure or are in Fiber Ready areas”.

“TelEm Fiber is now in more areas on St. Maarten and in more homes and offices, with subscribers using more and more devices that heavily consume data, therefore this is a wonderful upgrade for our valued customers and the perfect time for new customers to make the switch to TelEm Fiber,” said Mrs. Zambrini.

She says the demand for better and faster download and upload speeds is there. Rather than increasing prices, the company is giving back to its customers by significantly increasing their Fiber packages at no extra cost.

Mrs. Zambrini says subscribers are already enjoying the free speed upgrade, since TelEm began upgrading existing fiber customers at the beginning of May 2022.

“We hope our existing customers will enjoy the additional bandwidth at their disposal. We also encourage all individuals in Fiber ready areas, that are not currently with TelEm, to take a second look at our offerings, make the switch and get better value for their money with TelEm” continued the Residential Manager Marketing & Sales.

TelEm Group Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Mr. Michiel Parent says TelEm Fiber is continuing to make its presence felt in various neighborhoods with an additional push from the speed increase announced in the month of May.

“While current customers have to do nothing but enjoy the additional speed, this is a great opportunity for new customers looking for the fastest internet at the most affordable prices to come over to TelEm,” said Mr. Parent, “We encourage anyone who is interested to go to to check if fiber is available in their neighborhood and to sign up immediately, and we are happy to announce that installation can be done within days.”


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