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TelEm Group’s Marketing & Sales team is taking the hurricane season’s most active month by storm with a host of specials to beat out any hurricane blues customers might have.

From the first of the month of September, a series of specials have been posted online and in the local print media.

The specials include backup 4G sim cards at greatly reduced prices that should be part of any hurricane preparedness kit, Specials on the purchase of a Hyundai E245 Cellphone with big discounts for multiple purchases, and best of all – specials on the good old dependable landlines, where pre-paid specials are now on offer.

TelEm Group, Manager, Marketing & Sales, Sales Grisha Heyliger, says the specials couldn’t have come at a better time, with recent news that weather activity has been picking up in recent days and that September could still turn out to be an active month for inclement weather based on changing weather conditions in the Atlantic.

“We are especially keen to remind customers and the general public about the benefits of keeping their land lines active, not only for cheaper international and local calls but also because of their reliability when there are power outages and also because they are available to everyone in the family at time of need. They can even provide a lifeline to your neighbor and community,” said Grisha.

She said specific details about all the specials are featured in print media advertisements and also online running until the end of the month for all to see and take advantage of.


For further information please contact: Joe Dominique – Media Consultant

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