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Pond Island– TelEm Group technicians will be carrying out the scheduled maintenance of a main underground cable in the Cay Hill area Thursday and is informing the general public that interruptions in mobile, internet and land line service in this area will result. 

Immediately affected by the works will be the St. Maarten Medical Center, the Fire Department, the Emerald Funeral Home and the Carrefour Shopping Complex on the Bush Road. Also affected will be a number of business operations in the Cay Hill area, and telecommunication providers connecting to the damaged cable, including, UTS (FLOW); Dauphin Telecom; Orange Telecom and St. Barth’s Telecom.

The maintenance works will be carried out during the early hours of Thursday morning to have the least impact possible on TelEm Group customers and the public generally. Business and residential clients can expect to have their services reconnected intermittently during the course of the outage.

TelEm Group is in contact with all Emergency services regarding this important maintenance work and is satisfied that members of the public will still be able to reach the Medical Center and the Fire Department during the expected down time, which will be intermittent.

“The Emergency services have been informed of the time and nature of the works. Any emergency calls made by the general public will go to the Philipsburg for dispatch and will therefore not be affected by our work in Cay Hill,” assures TelEm Group’s Outside Plant (OSP) team who will be carrying out the Maintenance works and related cutover operation.

The technicians are not anticipating any difficulties in making the repairs and restoring telecommunication services to the Cay Hill area within the scheduled maintenance window during the early hours Thursday morning and expect to have all services back to normal before 7:00 am and before the start of the business work day.

TelEm Group has apologized for any inconvenience caused, however stresses the importance of making these repairs to avoid further deterioration of telecommunication services to the Cay Hill area.




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