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Pond Island – TelEm Group has announced the introduction of rollover data for Prepaid Mobile customers.

From Monday, August 22nd, 2022, Prepaid Mobile customers can now enjoy the benefits of data rollover. It will apply to any Prepaid Mobile user making use of TelEm’s eligible 30-day data plans.

TelEm Group Marketing Officer, Adrian Lista, says the new plans are another way the company is making telecommunication services more affordable for its customers and the general public.

Until now, any Mobile Prepaid data left over automatically disappeared once the plan expired. Now, any mobile data on these selected 30-day packages that remains unused, will be automatically rolled over into the next month.

He says to take advantage of roll over data, customers only have to activate one of the company’s eligible auto renewal data plans to make their unused data instantly available.

30-day data plans with rollover start from $20 with 3GB and have up to 15Gb available, depending on the plan you choose.

In explaining further how the rollover plans work, Adrian says the customer’s rolled over data will be the first that will be used when it is rolled over to the following month. Once the rolled over balance has depleted, data in the current month’s plan kicks in. Rolled over data from a previous month is only valid for each following month, therefore unused data from the month of August will rollover to the month of September, but not to the month of October. Only data left over from the new cycle in September, will roll over to October, and the same of the continuing months.

The company is making it easy for customers to understand how to make use of rollover data by informing customers when their rollover data has expired, and the new cycle of data has started.

TelEm Group says only regular data will be rolled over – not any promotional data that may be offered from time to time in special promotions.

“There is an added bonus with auto renewing one of the eligible plans,” explains Adrian. On top of keeping their unused data, customers will also receive a discount when they subscribe to one of the 30-day auto renew data plans – with savings of 10% starting from the moment the package auto-renews.  Should a customer on an auto renew plan run out of credit at any time and cannot renew, they will have a 24-hour grace period to top-up and ensure their data can rollover by reactivating their plan.

“This means even more data and more savings for our Mobile Prepaid customers, whom we are sure will appreciate and make use of the new offer,” continued the Marketing Officer, Adrian Lista.

More information is available on the TelEm Group website or via the TelEm Facebook page.


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