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POND ISLAND–TelEm Group and recycling partner Cadwell, Inc. are busy filling a shipping container with old and broken electronic parts and equipment destined for recycling overseas.

The container has been placed on TelEm Group’s warehouse compound on Pond Island, where all manner of home appliances, communication and information technology (IT) devices, home entertainment devices, office and medical equipment, and electronic devices and games can be deposited and disposed of.

According to TelEm Group Manager, Procurement and General Affairs Carmen Lake, persons, organisations and community groups wanting to donate any items under the above categories are free to do so on Thursday, April 1, between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm when the container will be loaded.

“This is a golden opportunity to get rid of that old printer that has been sitting in the corner for the last 10 years, or the old washing machine in the garden that you always wanted to fix but never got around to fixing,” said Lake.

“Instead of these items finally ending up on our landfill where they will remain forever as an environmental eyesore or hazard, Cadwell Inc. will be taking everything away to be sorted, cleaned, bailed and transported via container ship to recyclers in the United States,” she continued.

She said the “e-waste” that will be shipped out will be refurbished, reused, resold and salvaged wherever possible, creating a win-win for the user and environment.

The St. Maarten Lions Club launched its “e-waste” Campaign last October, reaching out to various telco’s and computer suppliers for any “e-waste” items they have for disposal. TelEm Group was included in the list of companies who responded, and is happy to announce that all “e-waste” collected through the St. Maarten Lions Club initiative will be shipped out in the container TelEm has secured for the recycling campaign.

President and Cofounder of Cadwell, Inc., Joan Cadwell praised TelEm Group for joining her company in this region-wide recycling program, which she says leads to a “more efficient, cleaner way of life for the island, while promoting the idea of green initiatives.”