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By applying for our services you agree to adhere to the TelEm Service Terms and Conditions stated in the TelEm Group General Terms and Conditions.

Basic Plan:

Triple play basic includes 100 channels

*Free postpaid minutes are for TelEm- TelEm and TelEm – TelCell calls

** Prepaid plans include $10 monthly call credit for national and international calls.

All packages include a free internet modem. Installation fees may apply. IP TV modem $65. Subscription fee for additional cnnection $10/ mth.


All applicants must adhere to the terms and condition stated in the TelEm Group General Terms and Conditions. ( If applicants are part of a special promotional campaign and/ or receives a modem at no charge; applicant agrees to be bound by a 1-year contracts. A copy of a local ID (Dutch ID card or Passport) and proof of address (registration form from the Census Office no older than 6 months or utility bill no older than 2 months) must be included with this application form. If these cannot be provided, a recent registration form from the Census Office (not older than 6 months) in combination with a non-local is also acceptable. 

Security Deposit

A security deposit of $1500 per line is required for non- residents who apply for postpaid Triple Play package. Upon termination of the account the security deposit will be refunded to the customer after deduction of any outstanding invoices. 

Early termination

If, during the minimum contract period, the customer cancels the service or TelEm Group cancels the service due to a breach of client’s part, the customer will be charged an early termination fee. The early termination fee is the total of charges that would have been paid between the date of cancellation and the end of the contract period.

Ownership and use of the equipment and cable

The customer acknowledges and agrees that the equipment (cables, pipes and box placed on the premises) provided by TelEm Group shall at all times belong to and remain the property of TelEm Group. To protect TelEm Group interest in the equipment, we ask, and you agree, that you will not: (a) sell the equipment; nor (b) damage the equipment; nor (c) give a third-party possession or use the equipment without our prior consent. Note: As part of the installation process, we ask, and you agree that trenching and drilling may be required to facilitate the installation of the equipment. Permission from landlord or property owner is required for installation.