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Website not loading, downloads taking forever, experiencing lagging? Here are some tips of how to self-diagnose your internet issues.

  1. Try another device: rule out any issues with your device by testing the internet connection on a different device.
  2. Try another website: visit more than one website to ensure the there is no outage on the website you are using. If another website works, you can try to clear your browser’s cookies and cache. Is it still down? There may be an outage on the website.
  3. Check your Wi-Fi settings: try forgetting and re-connecting to your home Wi-Fi network
  4. Take a Speed Test: take a speed test to ensure you are receiving the speeds you are paying for. If you find that your speeds are correct to your package and it is not fast enough, it may be time to upgrade you package.

Tried all of these and nothing is working? Give our team a call via 611 and we will be happy to assist you.

Click below to find out how to do a Speed Test correctly.

Testing your Network Speed