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Earn FREE Bonus Credit when you Top-Up with TelEm!

Top-Up each month and earn TelEm Mobile bonus credit! You can earn up to $25 in free credit! It’s free and easy to participate!

How to earn your free bonus!
Simply top-up your Prepaid mobile account. You will receive an automatic notification via SMS when you are close to earning your next bonus AND when you have earned it! Your bonus credit will become available on the 1st of the following month.

Top Up $30 or more within the month and you can earn your first bonus of $5! 

Top-up $50 or more to accumulate a total of $10 in bonus credit! 

OR earn $25 in bonus credit when you top-up $100 or more!
 Example: Top-Up during the month of August and your bonus will become available on September 1st. 

How do I activate my bonus?  
SMS “Bonus” to “1721” at the beginning of the next month to enjoy your free credit. Your bonus credit will expire 5 days after it becomes available if not activated.
Example: Earn $5 bonus during the month of August, 2021.  Activate and redeem on September 1st, 2021.  Activate before September 5th so that it doesn’t expire!

What can I use my bonus credit on?
Your bonus credit can be used to activate one of our many data plans or to make TelEm to TelEm calls! Your Bonus credit is valid for 30 days after activation.

Top-Up Amount  Bonus Totals
$30 $5
$50 $10*
$100 $25*

*Includes previous bonus amount. Accumulated total.  

Conditions apply:

  • $50 and $100 bonus include previous bonus amount roll over.
  • Total up to $25.
  • Activate within the first 5 days of the following month.
  • Bonus credit is valid for 30 days.

Take avantage today and activate your free bonus credit with TelEm Group!