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Prepaid Landline

Customers choose our Landline Prepaid service for easy use and efficiency. It is affordable and tailored to suit your budget requirements. With TelEm’s Prepaid Landline you pay up front for your telephone line. With a Prepaid landline you have access to local and international calls, with no bill shock and no additional charges.

Prepaid Landline Rates
Prepaid Landline Plan
Prepaid Landline
per month
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Upgrade to Duo Play and get Landline and Internet combined in one package

Our Duo Play packages start as low as $50.

Postpaid Landline

TelEm’s Postpaid landline services give you the choice to dial between local, mobile and international destinations without any restrictions. Receive a monthly invoice with your calling charges for the month.

Postpaid Landline Rates
Postpaid Landline PlanMonthly fixed subscription
Postpaid Landline
Per month


How to recharge my landline account?

Recharge your Prepaid landline account with either a Top-Up card, machine, or online. Simply visit one of our resellers or TelEm branches. Provide the agents with your phone number and the amount you would like to add to your account. Top-Up any amount, between $1 to $200, which will be received instantly to your Prepaid account.

Can I get internet with a landline?

Yes, once you have an active landline you can upgrade your connection to Duo Play. Duo Play is service where we provide you Internet and Landline combined in one package. For more information click here to visit our Internet page.

What are the landline charges?

Calls are charged per minute, for calls less than a minute you will be charged for one minute. All incoming calls are free of charge. The local rates for mobile & landline are $ 0.25 per minute.

Landline – Landline Postpaid Calling Rates
TelEm Landline – TelEm Landline $ 0.084 per minute
Peak (7am-7pm) per 3minutes $ 0.11 per minute
Off Peak (7pm-7am) per 6 minutes $ 0.11 per minute
Call completion per call $ 0.11 per minute

Landline – Mobile Postpaid Calling Rates
Peak (7am-7pm) per minute $ 0.28 per minute
Off Peak (7am-7pm) per minute $ 0.24 per minute
Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) per minute $ 0.24 per minute
Call completion per call $ 0.11 per minute

Visit FAQ for more questions