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Fiber Duo Play Packages

Fiber Duo Play Prepaid All-in-one Landline & Internet service
Fiber Duo Play Postpaid Enjoy free Landline minutes

Fiber Availability

Upgrade to a Triple Play Package by adding TelTV+. Bring your Landline, Internet, and TV into one bundle:

  • Over 150 channels
  • Stable connection
  • No download limits
  • Fastest speed


What are the installation costs for Fiber?

Take advantage of our Installation offer and pay only $50/ANG . You may be eligible for a discount or free Fiber installation if you are in a new Fiber area. Contact our Customer Care team on 611 or 548-HELP (4357) for more information.

Do I have to upgrade to Fiber?

Yes, once your street is Fiber ready, we encourage you to take advantage of our Better, Bolder, and Faster internet packages by experiencing more download and upload speed. Eventually, the copper network in your area will be disconnected and you will experience interruption if not upgraded before the indicated deadline. Stay connected and upgrade to Fiber.

How do I check my landline balance for Fiber connection?

To check your balance with Fiber connection dial *512# from your Landline.

Visit FAQ for more questions