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TelEm Fiber sales and marketing representatives, Selena Levy and Josiah Pantophlet, on the forecourt of the Sol Antilles Yuppie Station, Sucker Garden Road, Wednesday, for the telEm Fiber/Sol Antilles Fuel the Season campaign.
TelEm Staff at Sol Antilles, Sucker Garden Road.

Pond Island – TelEm Fiber staff were on the forecourt of the Sol Antilles gas stations in Point Blanche and Sucker Garden Road Wednesday, inviting customers to sign up to join St. Maarten’s premier fiber cable network and the chance to win one year of Triple Play service and ANG 4,000 gas.

The “Fuel the Season” co-branding campaign kicked off Wednesday with Sol Antilles customers invited to apply for fiber optic connections in areas where TelEm Fiber services are available. Once signed up, they receive a whopping $50 Top-up. For the purchase of ANG 50 gas, motorists get a chance to win the triple pay prize and a year’s supply of gas to the value of ANG 4,000.

The campaign will name weekly winners of various prizes including Top-Up, Groceries and Restaurant vouchers until December 21, 2022, when the top prize winners will be announced.

In the coming weeks and months, TelEm Group will be increasing its presence at various locations around St. Maarten, including gas stations that are visited by thousands of motorists each day.

“Motorists can already top up their mobile TelCell phones at Sol gas stations and recently, we have introduced kiosks so that Sol Antilles customers can purchase sim cards on demand,” says TelEm Residential Manager, Marketing & Sales, Julie Zambrini.

Julie says there’s much more in the offing with Sol that the company will be revealing soon, but for now, Wednesday’s introductory “getting to know you” promotion was to inform visiting motorists about the company’s Fiber Cable service and whether or not it is available in their respective areas.

TelEm sales representatives, Joheim Gittens and Mikayela Sorhaindo were at the Sol Antilles gas station in Point Blanche, Wednesday, encouraging motorists and passers-by to sign up for TelEm Fiber service.

The “Fuel the Season” promotion in Point Blanche, at the Sol location across from the Fairway Supermarket, drew in a few customers despite some rainfall, but the larger number of visitors could be seen at the Sol Yuppie gas station location, where TelEm staff also manned a “Spin the Wheel” game to present gas-buying customers with some fun prizes.

Yuppie station owner, Mr.  Samuel, welcomed the visit by TelEm staff, noting a long-time relationship with the company over the years. With Sol Antilles having recently announced plans to shift to more solar energy solutions, Mr. Samuel sees connections with the technologies also being advanced by the TelEm Group as a win-win for both companies.

According to the Residential Manager, marketing & Sales, Sol Antilles customers can look forward to future promotions of this kind with more surprises in store for them as they fill up their tanks with Sol Antilles.


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