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Pond Island –TelEm Group staffers and local entertainer, Rumari Rogers (aka Rummer) have taken to the road to visit schools across St. Maarten to celebrate education, connectivity and to donate “Student Data Kits”.

Every year, all public schools on St. Maarten have access to internet courtesy of TelEm Group, and one of the first schools visited was the Oranjeschool on Frontstreet.

The company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility results in approximately 25 schools across St. Maarten being connected to the internet for free.  As a result, thousands of students and staff at these schools have access to the internet.

According to TelEm Group’s Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Mr. Michiel Parent, TelEm has long been committed to schools and education on St. Maarten.

“By connecting schools worry free every day, year after year, we help reduce cost to education for institutions so that educators can concentrate on what they do best, educate the next generation.” Said Mr. Parent.

He further stated that, “TelEm understands that technology adds value to education in a big way and we want to do even more!  We want to further show our commitment to education and connect students in other ways by giving them the tools to help them succeed and stay connected.”

To celebrate their commitment, TelEm Group staff are currently visiting a number of these schools to highlight their efforts and celebrate the importance of education. But that is not all that the staff are doing during their visit. They are also donating pencil cases which include necessities like pencils, rulers, erasers etc. to students. Also included is a special “Student Data Kit” that comes preloaded with Top-Up and data to help make mobile internet access easier.  The SIM card kit also has access to special discounted data plans. They will have access to plans with up to 30% off the regular cost.  These discounted data plans will be exclusive starting with students in grades 5 and 6 as well as to the teachers and staff at these schools.

“It means students can continue to stay connected to internet and access the resources they need at a much more affordable rate. Most important, they can also keep in contact with parents, guardians, friends and family when they need to,” said Mr. Parent.

Mr. Parent says the company has had a very close relationship with St. Maarten’s primary and secondary schools for many years. The company has sponsored numerous education and sports events for schools and has been one of the main supporters of public schools in the past when it came to helping with much-needed school supplies and equipment.

“We were very proud to continue to support schools and education on St. Maarten.  TelEm is committed to keeping these schools and students connected,” states Mr. Parent.

TelEm Group hopes its current visits will enhance the relationship it already has with St. Maarten schools many of which proudly display TelEm Group sponsored posters with motivating messages that encourage schoolchildren to make the best of the educational opportunities available to them in a safe and respectful manner.

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